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Q-Assembly Benefits

  • Get the custom assembly that YOU want – no need to compromise
  • Part number list automatically generated – eliminates ordering errors
  • Ships assembled – no valuable time wasted on site putting parts together
  • Quick quote, Quick ship – complete your projects faster

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Racks & Rack Cabinets

Contempra 4 Server Cabinet (C4 Series)
Contempra 2 Equipment Cabinet (C2 Series)
Currently offered in pre-assembled packages only

Electrical Enclosures

Modular Type 12 Freestanding Enclosure (HME Series)
Modular Type 12 Freestanding Two Door Enclosure (HMET Series)
Modular Type 12 Freestanding Disconnect Enclosure (HFMD Series)
Modular Type 12 Freestanding Two Door Disconnect Enclosure (HFMDT Series)

Need Assistance?

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Pour des renseignements au Québec, veuillez contacter: 1-866-574-9005

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